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Yacht Holiday
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Yacht Holiday

Yacht Holiday It is very important for everyone to have an affordable and nature holiday in the summer months. All year, our bodies become alienated from their own nature among concrete and high-rise buildings. We recommend you to take advantage of sea holidays to relieve your tiredness and experience the relaxation your body needs. Surrounded by sea on 3 sides, Turkey is a holiday destination for many people from all over the world. Aegean and Mediterranean coasts come alive in the summer months and welcome local and foreign tourists from many different cultures. Turkey is a wonderful holiday destination for millions of people who want to relax and witness the magnificent nature. Would you like to spend your holiday both in touch with nature and in a private area for yourself? If your answer is yes, Yacht Holiday service of Platin Yachting is just for you…

Yacht Holiday
Yacht Holiday

Platin Yachting offers many different boat rental services for holiday lovers who want to experience the nature of Turkey on the open seas or in undiscovered bays. Would you like to enjoy the sea and the sun with your friends or family on private boats? If your answer is yes, you can get detailed information on the website by clicking on the link. https://www.platinyachting.com/

You can yacht Holiday many different types of yachts on Platin Yachting and choose the boat that suits you among the options. While doing this, you can benefit from images and compare prices. The types of yachts you can rent from Platin Yachting are as follows:

  • Gulets,
  • Bareboats,
  • Motor Yachts,
  • Trawler.

You can reach the difference and detailed information of these yachts via the link (https://www.platinyachting.com/yacht-charter-turkey/).

Yacht Holiday
Yacht Holiday


Gulets are small 2-masted boats. Gulets, whose lengths vary between 14-35 meters, are generally used for touristic trips. Relatively small and simple gulets can easily reach unexplored bays and small beaches. To find the gulet suitable for you, you can follow the link and examine the features of the gulets. https://www.platinyachting.com/yacht-type/gulets/


Bareboats are small sailing yachts. The biggest difference of bareboats from other yachts is that they are chartered without a crew and without personnel. Do you want to organize your holiday completely yourself and take care of all kinds of work on the yacht by yourself? If your answer is yes, bareboats are for you. Choose the bareboat you want, make a reservation, enjoy the nature of the sea freely. https://www.platinyachting.com/yacht-type/bareboats/

Motor Yachts

Motor yachts are motorized watercraft. They use fuels such as gasoline or diesel for transportation. The cabins of Motor Yachts are generally comfortable and luxurious. Thanks to their large cabins, they serve a comfortable and stylish holiday opportunity to large families and groups of friends. You can easily rent a motor yacht you like from Platin Yachting. https://www.platinyachting.com/yacht-type/motor-yachts/


Trawlers are yachts that were originally produced for use in fishing activities. They are usually made of wood and are ideal for those who want to spend a long time at sea. Trawlers can be simple and small, or they can be luxurious and modern. You can click on the link to view the trawlers on Platin Yachting. https://www.platinyachting.com/yacht-type/trawler/


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