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Marmaris Blue Cruise & Gulet Cruise

Marmaris Blue Cruise
Marmaris is a holiday resort located in the southwest of Turkey, in the province of Muğla. It is famous for its unique natural beauty, crystal-clear sea, and rich history. Marmaris is also a popular destination for traditional yacht trips known as Blue Cruises. The Marmaris Blue Cruise offers holidaymakers an unforgettable experience with luxury gulets along the coasts of the Aegean and Mediterranean seas.

 Marmaris Blue Cruise is typically conducted on a weekly basis and offers various routes and options. Starting from Marmaris, Blue Cruises travel through different itineraries, allowing passengers to explore different bays and islands. Here are some popular routes for the Marmaris Blue Cruise:

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Marmaris – Göcek – Fethiye: This route is ideal for exploring the beautiful coastline of Muğla. By visiting popular holiday destinations like Göcek and Fethiye, you can discover unique beaches, hidden coves, and historical sites.

Marmaris – Datça – Bodrum: This route connects the provinces of Muğla and Aydın, offering the perfect opportunity to explore the magnificent beauty of the Southern Aegean. Passing through the natural wonders of the Datça Peninsula and the historical sites of Bodrum, you can embark on an unforgettable journey.

Marmaris – Hisarönü Bay: This route is ideal for exploring the Hisarönü Bay located on the eastern coast of Marmaris. You can visit charming villages like Söğüt and Bozukkale, and discover hidden coves along the Bozburun Peninsula, enjoying a peaceful holiday.

During the Marmaris Blue Cruise, luxury gulets are typically rented. These gulets may feature spacious deck areas, comfortable cabins, private bathrooms, and modern amenities like a kitchen. Gulets are usually managed by a professional crew who provide services to ensure guests’ comfort. Meals are typically prepared by the gulet’s chef, offering delicious meals tailored to guests’ tastes.

Renting a gulet for the Marmaris Blue Cruise can be arranged through a yacht charter company or a tour agency. Yacht charter companies offer different gulet options and assist travelers in finding a gulet that meets their needs and preferences. The rental duration may vary depending on the chosen route and travelers’ preferences, usually conducted on a weekly basis.

The Marmaris Blue Cruise is an ideal choice for those who want to explore the renowned bays, swim, sunbathe, engage in water sports, and have a peaceful sea vacation. Traveling on a luxury gulet amidst stunning views, you can experience the enchanting atmosphere of the Aegean and Mediterranean seas.

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Motoryacht Charter

Motoryacht Charter Platin Yachting Sets New Standards in Motor Yacht Charter the leading authority in luxury yacht experiences, is making waves in the industry with its unparalleled motor yacht charter services

Yacht Charter

Turkey Yacht Charter Many people around the world work all year long to spend a perfect holiday with the company of an azure blue sea and warm shining sun.

Trawler Charter

Trawler Rental and Trawler Charter with Platin Yachting in Fethiye, Bodrum, and Marmaris Platin Yachting Expands Trawler Rental and Charter Services to Fethiye, Bodrum, and Marmaris – Unlock the Wonders of Turkey’s Coastline!

Gulet Charter Prices

Gulet charter prices can vary depending on several factors, including the size and luxury level of the gulet, the duration of the charter, the season, the destination

Blue Cruise

Blue Cruise generally refers to sea voyages made with wooden boat types such as gulets. These cruises typically take place along the coasts of the Aegean and Mediterranean regions of Turkey.

Gulet Charter

Gulet charter involves renting a gulet for a specific period, usually a week or longer, to enjoy a private sailing vacation. It allows you to customize your itinerary, visit different destinations, and experience the beauty of the sea at your own pace

Marmaris Blue Cruise, one of the indispensable entertainments of the summer months, allows you to fully enjoy the sea and the sun. These tours, which allow you to get rid of the stress, tiredness, and various psychological factors brought by the winter months in an instant, also enable you to see and explore new places. From this perspective, the Marmaris blue cruise is designed to meet all your desires. In addition, there is also support for gulet rental.

Going on a blue cruise allows you to fully enjoy the sea away from the crowds. Tours taken with only a certain number of people help you to get away from the crowds on the beaches. Getting away from the crowds also allows you to swim comfortably in the sea. You can also go on Marmaris blue cruise trips with just your loved ones. For this, you can consider options like renting a gulet yacht.

Gulet yachts that bring together luxury and comfort elements allow you to experience a unique journey throughout the tour. Moreover, yachts that meet the needs of people who want to vacation in large groups also allow you to have a perfect holiday. You can go on a Marmaris blue cruise trip with your friends or family and explore different aspects of Marmaris during this time.

Gulet yacht rental prices, which are an economical solution especially for going on a tour in large groups, can vary depending on the model you prefer. Values ​​that can go up to 1500 Euros can vary at different levels. When luxury and comfort elements are considered, it is observed that this price is at a normal level.

Considering your needs and desires before going on the tour helps you make a more effective decision. For example, how much luxury tour do you want? Choosing a boat that matches the answer to this question helps you to avoid unnecessary spending. In addition, the needs of families with children and single individuals can of course vary. For this reason, it is beneficial to examine the technical specifications of the boat you will rent in detail.

Choosing a boat that overlaps with your needs throughout your Marmaris blue cruise trip increases the pleasure you will get from your vacation. Safety measures created for children eliminate the need to worry about your child. If you are thinking of going on a tour with your friends instead of a family vacation, you don’t really need parental controls.

Boat rental service, which is offered by taking necessary safety measures, is also designed by considering what you will need during the tour. Especially food consumption, sunbathing, showering, swimming, and entertainment activities are specially shaped. This way, you can have a unique experience while traveling. You don’t have to worry about anything during the tour. You can lean back and indulge in the beauty of Marmaris.

After renting a gulet, maybe the only thing you need to worry about is choosing your sunscreen. During the tour, you can sunbathe as you wish and immerse yourself in the cool waters of the sea at stopping points. Tours that even provide the chance to swim in open bays create the opportunity to see different beauties of the sea.

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