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Sail into Adventure: New Greece Yacht Charters Starting from Turkey’s Coastal Gems

A new wave of luxury and adventure awaits sailing enthusiasts as yacht charter companies introduce exclusive Greece yacht charters starting from Turkey’s renowned coastal towns: Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, and Göcek. This new offering provides travelers with the unique opportunity to explore the enchanting Aegean Sea, combining the historical richness and natural beauty of both Turkish and Greek shores.

Launching Points Along the Turkish Riviera:

Bodrum: The Aegean’s St. Tropez

Overview: Known for its vibrant nightlife and rich history, Bodrum serves as a lively starting point. Charter guests can explore iconic sites such as the Bodrum Castle and the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus before setting sail.
Experience: The town’s bustling marina and luxurious amenities ensure a perfect launch for an unforgettable journey.
Marmaris: Between Mountains and Sea

Nestled in a scenic bay, Marmaris offers a blend of natural beauty and modern attractions. Highlights include the Marmaris Castle and Turkish baths.
The lively marina and stunning coastline make Marmaris an ideal gateway for yacht charters heading to Greece.
Fethiye: The Jewel of the Turquoise Coast

 Fethiye is famed for its turquoise waters and ancient ruins, including the Lycian rock tombs and the ancient city of Telmessos.
 Guests can enjoy the Blue Lagoon at Ölüdeniz and the town’s serene atmosphere before embarking on their maritime adventure.
Göcek: Luxury and Tranquility

 Known for its upscale marinas and peaceful bays, Göcek offers a tranquil starting point. Visitors can explore the Twelve Islands and dine at waterfront restaurants.
Göcek’s exclusivity and serene environment provide a relaxed start to the charter journey.
Crossing the Aegean: Greek Island 


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Rhodes: Medieval Marvel

As the largest of the Dodecanese islands, Rhodes offers a mix of historical sites and beautiful beaches.
Charter guests can explore the medieval Old Town, the Palace of the Grand Master, and enjoy the island’s stunning coastline.
Symi: Neoclassical Beauty

Known for its charming harbor and crystal-clear waters, Symi is a picturesque stop.
Experience: Visitors can explore the neoclassical mansions, the Monastery of Archangel Michael Panormitis, and pristine beaches.
Kos: Ancient and Modern Blend

Kos features a rich history, vibrant nightlife, and beautiful beaches.
 Highlights include the Asklepion healing temple, ancient ruins, and a lively bar scene in Kos Town.
Patmos: Island of the Apocalypse

Patmos is celebrated for its spiritual significance and tranquil beauty.
Experience: Guests can visit the Monastery of St. John, the Cave of the Apocalypse, and relax on secluded beaches.

What IS

Yacht Charter Gulet Charter

Motoryacht Charter

Motoryacht Charter Platin Yachting Sets New Standards in Motor Yacht Charter the leading authority in luxury yacht experiences, is making waves in the industry with its unparalleled motor yacht charter services

Yacht Charter

Turkey Yacht Charter Many people around the world work all year long to spend a perfect holiday with the company of an azure blue sea and warm shining sun.

Trawler Charter

Trawler Rental and Trawler Charter with Platin Yachting in Fethiye, Bodrum, and Marmaris Platin Yachting Expands Trawler Rental and Charter Services to Fethiye, Bodrum, and Marmaris – Unlock the Wonders of Turkey’s Coastline!

Gulet Charter Prices

Gulet charter prices can vary depending on several factors, including the size and luxury level of the gulet, the duration of the charter, the season, the destination

Blue Cruise

Blue Cruise generally refers to sea voyages made with wooden boat types such as gulets. These cruises typically take place along the coasts of the Aegean and Mediterranean regions of Turkey.

Gulet Charter

Gulet charter involves renting a gulet for a specific period, usually a week or longer, to enjoy a private sailing vacation. It allows you to customize your itinerary, visit different destinations, and experience the beauty of the sea at your own pace

Planning and Booking:

Yacht Options: Travelers can choose from various yachts, including traditional gulets, motor yachts, spacious catamarans, and luxurious mega yachts.
Customized Itineraries: Charter companies offer personalized itineraries, blending popular destinations with hidden gems to create unique experiences.
Optimal Sailing Season: The best time for yacht charters is between May and October, when the weather is favorable, and the sea conditions are optimal.
Essential Packing: Light, comfortable clothing, swimwear, sunscreen, and personal items are recommended. A light jacket is advised for cooler evenings.
Economic and Tourism Impact:
This new yacht charter route is expected to boost the local economies of both Turkish and Greek coastal towns. Increased tourist activity will benefit marinas, restaurants, shops, and tour operators, contributing to regional economic growth and development.

Charter companies emphasize sustainable practices, including reducing plastic use and promoting marine conservation to preserve the pristine environment of the Aegean Sea.

The introduction of Greece yacht charters starting from Turkey’s Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, and Göcek marks a significant enhancement in Mediterranean travel options. Combining luxury, adventure, and cultural exploration, this unique offering promises an extraordinary sailing experience. Travelers are invited to embark on this unparalleled maritime journey and discover the enchanting beauty of the Aegean Sea.

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