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Deluxe Gulet Charter
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Deluxe Gulet Charter

Deluxe Gulet Charter Do you want to have an incredible blue vacation adventure by chartering a luxury Gulet? Gulet is a type of boat that is unique to Turkey and particularly preferred at the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts. Blue holiday lovers frequently preferred Luxury Gulets due to the many benefits and comfort they offer to the users. For example, compared to standard Gulets, it offers more space and freedom to users, making their holidays more comfortable. You can review our deluxe Gulets from this page to decide what kind of choice you will make.

Deluxe Gulets, designed with every need and comfort of the users in mind, offer you the magnificent sea holiday you have dreamed of. Since Deluxe Gulets have a larger size and interior volume, they are ideal for larger groups and those who want to enjoy luxury holiday comfort. Each cabin has a private bathroom and toilet, which provides private use and privacy. At Platin Yachting & Sailing, you can benefit from our Deluxe Gulet service.

Deluxe Gulet Charter
Deluxe Gulet Charter

Benefits of Deluxe Gulets

Luxury Gulets offer their users a much more comfortable holiday experience compared to other holiday options and Gulet types. We can shorten the benefits of luxury Gulets as follows:

  • Size: The capacity and size of luxury Gulets are quite large compared to other Gulets. The large space of the deck provides more activity options. Its huge capacities provide a luxurious holiday experience to all users.
  • Design: You can feel the extraordinary design concept of luxury Gulets in every detail during the time you spend in it.
  • Privacy: Each cabin has its own bathroom and these bathrooms are quite large. Private bathroom and toilet facilities enable you to have a healthier and more hygienic holiday experience.
  • VIP Cabin: Each Luxury Gulet has a VIP cabin that allows you to host your special guests.
  • Interior equipment: This type of Gulet has all kinds of technological equipment that users may need. LCD TV, DVD, and music system possibilities enhance the dose of entertainment and allow you to have unforgettable moments with your guests.

Deluxe Gulet Early Booking

Platin Yachting’s early booking opportunity starts from November – December and continues until the first weeks of the summer season.

Thanks to early booking:

You can charter the deluxe Gulet you want to charter at a much more affordable price.

By planning your holiday much earlier, you can avoid last-minute surprises.

While the discount rate you can benefit from is the highest in the first months of the campaign period, this rate decreases as the summer season approaches. Because, as the holiday season approaches, the interest in this type of vacation increases. 

Do not miss our early booking discount so that you can freely choose the dates of your holiday and benefit from discounted prices!


Deluxe Gulet Charter
Deluxe Gulet Charter

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The blue voyage you have always dreamed of is now closer than ever!

By chartering a Deluxe Gulet, you can have a wonderful sea vacation by taking advantage of all the privileges specially designed for Platin Yachting and Sailing users.

For more information about the Deluxe Gulet charter, you can contact us from this page.


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