What To Know About Booking a Gulet Cruise?

What To Know About Booking a Gulet Cruise

What to Know About Booking a Gulet Cruise

What To Know About Booking a Gulet Cruise?

The interest in blue cruises and blue tours has increased significantly in recent times. Blue cruises, usually taken on gulets, provide a comfortable and unique holiday experience. Furthermore, the availability of gulets to suit every budget is another factor that makes gulet holidays attractive. Those considering a gulet holiday, as well as people who have never experienced a gulet holiday before, may not have sufficient information on this topic. Having some knowledge before and during a gulet holiday can provide you with certain advantages.

What is a Gulet Holiday ? A gulet holiday is the term used for tourist trips conducted on gulet boats as part of the blue cruise experience. Gulets are traditional sailing boats prepared using traditional methods. Gulet boats are produced in various forms based on their capacities, sizes, and the services they offer to customers. Known for their spacious cabins and living areas, these gulets are renowned for providing a comfortable holiday experience. Before embarking on a gulet holiday, you should determine the routes you want to visit and decide how many people will be on the trip. Once the pre-planning for the trip is done, you can start your gulet holiday by renting a suitable gulet. Depending on the routes you choose, you can have the type of vacation you desire.

What You Need to Know Before a Gulet Holiday A gulet holiday is a type of vacation that is part of many people’s holiday plans. There are certain points to consider for those planning a gulet holiday. Being informed about some aspects before a gulet holiday can help you make the most of your vacation. Here are some things you should know before going on a gulet holiday:


  • Choosing the Itinerary: The most important aspect before a gulet holiday is determining the places you want to visit. Each gulet has different travel routes, and where you want to visit is up to you.
  • Deciding the Number of Participants: The size and number of cabins on each gulet vary, so it’s crucial to decide how many people will be on the trip. Once you determine the number of participants, you can rent a gulet that suits your group.
  • Selecting the Right Gulet and Rental: Gulet types can vary in size and luxury. While making your selection, it’s important to consider that everyone’s expectations from a gulet can be different. Therefore, it’s essential to research the gulet options that match your expectations and maintain good communication with the captain.
  • Timing for Gulet Rental: Choosing peak holiday periods like summer months and holidays can lead to higher prices for gulet rental. If you want to rent a gulet at a more affordable rate, early booking is recommended. Additionally, making the reservation early reduces the likelihood of encountering any issues. An added advantage of early booking is having more choices when selecting your gulet.


Gulet Capacities Gulets generally have a crew capacity that varies based on the size of the boat and the number of cabins. For example, a gulet with 3-4 cabins can accommodate 2-3 people, while a gulet with 5-6 cabins can accommodate 4-5 people. Luxury gulets and motor yachts usually have a capacity of 5-8 people.

Services Included in Gulet Rental Price When renting a gulet, some services are included in the price, such as:

  • Captain
  • Crew
  • Fuel expenses
  • Final cleaning service
  • Transit log
  • Port charges
  • Bedding, sheets, and towels used in the cabins

Services Not Included in Gulet Rental Price While some services are included in the rental price, others are not, and extra fees may apply. Services not included in the gulet rental price include:

  • Food and beverage expenses
  • Charges at private marinas
  • Water sports

Composition of the Gulet Crew The size of the gulet crew typically depends on the size of the boat. Generally, each gulet has a crew consisting of at least three people, including a captain, a chef, and a sailor. The composition may vary, but this basic team ensures the smooth operation of the cruise.

Crew’s Private Cabins The crew on a gulet has its own cabins, separate from the guests’ cabins, where they stay during the journey.

Food and Beverage Shopping The responsibility for food and beverage shopping falls on the guests. Before the trip, guests should discuss and arrange the details of the shopping with the captain and crew. This includes understanding the gulet’s refrigerator capacity and purchasing the necessary items based on the crew’s menu preferences. Taking care of the shopping before the holiday ensures a smooth experience.


Things to Consider During a Gulet Holiday Several factors should be considered during a gulet holiday to ensure a pleasant experience. Here are some key points:

  • Stay within Capacity Limits: It’s essential not to exceed the capacity of the gulet. Each gulet has a specified capacity, and going over that limit can result in penalties from maritime authorities. Ensuring that the number of guests does not exceed the allowed capacity is crucial.
  • Air Conditioning Usage: Air conditioning availability and usage may vary among gulets. Some gulets may have limited air conditioning usage, while others may offer continuous usage. This difference depends on the power and structure of the gulet’s engine. Therefore, it’s essential to have clear information about the air conditioning policy from the gulet owner or captain.
  • Discussing the Itinerary: Before the journey begins, it’s crucial to discuss the planned itinerary in detail with the captain. Gulets have specific departure locations, and tours typically start and end from the same point throughout the season. It’s also helpful to have a good understanding of the routes you want to explore.
  • Provision Shopping: Thoroughly discuss food provisioning with the gulet captain and crew before the holiday. While guests are responsible for food and beverage expenses, it’s essential to coordinate the shopping with the crew. Understanding the gulet’s refrigerator capacity and the crew’s menu preferences is crucial. This discussion should be completed before the holiday begins.

Plan Your Gulet Holiday For those who enjoy being at sea, a gulet holiday is an excellent choice. Nowadays, many people plan to spend their summer vacations on a gulet cruise. A well-planned and beautiful gulet holiday without any issues is the expectation of anyone taking a holiday. People want to escape the stress and hustle of city life, unwind by being surrounded by the sea and nature, and enjoy a peaceful time. Waking up in a different bay every day, having breakfast in different coves, going on a picnic, swimming, and taking walks will fulfill your vacation expectations. Additionally, spending quiet evenings on the deck, watching the sea and stars, provides a unique holiday experience. If you have such a plan in mind, a gulet holiday is an ideal choice for you. The most suitable option for a pleasant and comfortable gulet journey is to rent a gulet. With gulet options suitable for every budget, you can enjoy a vacation that feels like staying in a 5-star hotel. Start planning your dream vacation by going on a gulet holiday.

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