Standart Gulets

Standard gulet refers to a typical or common type of gulet that provides comfortable accommodations and basic amenities for charter guests. Here are some key characteristics and features of a standard gulet:

  1. Size and Layout: Standard gulets come in various sizes, typically ranging from around 15 to 30 meters in length. They have multiple decks, including an aft deck and a foredeck. The layout usually includes cabins, a saloon or lounge area, and outdoor spaces for dining and relaxation.
  2. Traditional Design: Standard gulets feature the traditional design and craftsmanship that is characteristic of gulets. They have a broad beam, rounded stern, and often incorporate wood as the primary material. The design showcases the cultural heritage and maritime traditions of the Eastern Mediterranean region.
  3. Comfortable Cabins: Standard gulets provide comfortable cabins for guests. The number of cabins can vary depending on the size of the gulet, ranging from a few cabins to multiple cabins. The cabins typically offer sleeping quarters, storage space, and basic amenities.
  4. Shared Facilities: Standard gulets often have shared bathroom facilities, meaning that multiple cabins may share a common bathroom. The bathrooms usually include toilets, sinks, and showers.
  5. Indoor and Outdoor Living Spaces: Standard gulets provide indoor and outdoor living spaces for guests. The indoor areas may include a saloon or lounge area where guests can relax, dine, or socialize. Outdoor spaces, such as the aft deck and foredeck, offer seating areas, sun loungers, and dining tables for enjoying the open-air environment.
  6. Professional Crew: Standard gulets are typically chartered with a professional crew that includes a captain and deckhands. The crew is responsible for the navigation, operation, and maintenance of the vessel. They also provide basic hospitality services to ensure the comfort and safety of the guests on board.
  7. Basic Amenities: Standard gulets offer basic amenities to ensure a comfortable charter experience. These may include limited air conditioning, power outlets, basic entertainment systems, and safety equipment.
  8. Value for Money: Standard gulets often provide a more affordable option for charter guests who are looking for a comfortable and enjoyable sailing experience without the additional luxury features and amenities of deluxe or luxury gulets. They offer good value for money and are suitable for those seeking a budget-friendly charter option.

Standard gulets provide a cozy and authentic sailing experience, allowing guests to explore the beautiful coastlines and islands of the Eastern Mediterranean region. While they may not have the extensive luxury features of higher-end gulets, they offer a comfortable and affordable option for those looking to enjoy the charm of traditional gulet cruising.

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