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Private Gulet Charter
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Private Gulet Charter

Aegean Coasts, where glamorous beaches meet with lush nature, attract the attention of sea vacation lovers. Do you want to experience the extraordinary blue seas by chartering a private Gulet? A private Gulet holiday will enable you to swim with your loved ones in the unique bays of the Aegean and Mediterranean and rediscover nature. If you want to charter a private Gulet and discover the beauties within the itinerary scheduled based upon your wishes, you are at the right place! 

Private Gulet Charter
Private Gulet Charter

Platinum Yachting & Sailing allows you to experience the incredible sea holiday you have always dreamed of, with the privilege of a private Gulet. You can visit this page for more detailed information about our charter options.

The cost of chartering a private Gulet depends on the service you aspire and the choice you make. Gulet prices are defined mainly by the size of the Gulet and the facilities it has.

Our current Gulet types are as follows:

  • Standard (Economic and Air-conditioned) Gulet: It is the number one choice of those looking for a more economical option. It has a simple interior design and a more affordable price.
  • Luxury Gulet: This type of Gulet is large because it has more luxurious cabins. Since its size, the opportunities it offers are much more.
  • Deluxe Gulet: It has deluxe cabins with the highest segment design. It has the best facilities, thus giving users a high-end holiday experience.


Advantages of Private Gulet Charter

There are many advantages of chartering a private Gulet compared to other holiday options. Our Gulets, which are equipped with special design details, promise you the ultimate holiday experience. 

The main advantages of chartering a private gulet are:

  • Plan your vacation route as you wish! Just tell us the destinations you want to go to.
  • Enjoy the most luxurious accommodation and transportation! Our high-end designed Gulets will make every moment of your holiday unique.
  • Host many guests at the same time! Numerous cabins allow you to provide privacy to your guests.
  • Our experienced staff makes your holiday the most comfortable by taking care of what needs to be done.
  • Enjoy the extra advantages possible to you depending on the Gulet type you choose.
Private Gulet Charter
Private Gulet Charter

How to Charter a Private Gulet?

If you have decided to enjoy the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts by chartering a Private Gulet, do not worry, you are in the right place! Our experienced team, which has been serving for many years, will answer any questions you may have. Firstly, we listen carefully to the requests of our customers. Then plan your gulet route according to your wishes.

  • How many people do you plan for a vacation?
  • Which destinations do you want to visit?
  • What kind of service do you expect?
  • How long do you plan a vacation?
  • What additional possibilities would you like to take advantage of?

We offer the options for you by looking for answers to all these questions and much more. We plan your dream holiday for you by considering all your wishes. Now you are closer than ever to a vocation where you can relieve the tiredness of the whole year and spend time with your loved ones. You can contact us from this page.

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