Yacht Charter Routes

Yacht Charter Routes
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Yacht Charter Routes

Nowadays, yacht charter tours are available for everyone and every budget while providing a fun summer. So, chartering a yacht has become the first thing that springs to mind for every vacationer who does not want to be stuck in hotels. Instead of paying for a hotel rooted in the ground, everyone who has been desiring to enjoy the summer to the fullest and explore the coastal areas like a free bird prefers yacht tours. Just in this regard, Plating Yachting & Sailing has been running charter businesses professionally to deliver all kinds of yacht charter services to its customers. Therefore, all of our customers can freely discover the hidden beauty of the Aegean and Mediterranean, where can only be seen when you are off the coast.

These are the ports where you can get a starting point for your route:

  • Fethiye
  • Bodrum
  • Marmaris
Yacht Charter Routes
Yacht Charter Routes

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Yacht Charter Routes Between Fethiye and Marmaris

Get ready for a unique sea voyage that will start from Fethiye or Marmaris because the beauties you will witness from your luxury yacht will charm you. During your blue cruise, you can take a load off your mind, enjoy the hot sun and dazzling reflections of the sea.

Along the cruise, you come across various and lovely bays and islands. Near these islands, the water is clear and calm, where you can swim smoothly and enjoy the aquatic activities. Especially if you want to anchor near the shore at night, you can paradise on earth as the sweet wind carries the smell of pine and thyme coming from the mountains.

If you are eager to see the ruins and remnants of Ancient Greek, the yacht charter route between Fethiye and Marmaris can be your rotation.

Yacht Charter Routes
Yacht Charter Routes


Yacht Charter Routes Between Bodrum and Marmaris

The route between Bodrum and Marmaris is easy to rotate, quite comfortable, and the scenery is as beautiful as in fairy tales. You can lie on your yacht and enjoy the wonderful poetry on the coast that nature offers you. Or, If you want, you can spend your time swimming in the calm waters of Marmaris. This route, where sea blue meets forest green in a wonderful harmony, will live on in your memories even after the vacation.

Reading these Yacht Chater Routes and Blue Voyage Routes can not equal experiencing it as you are in the moment because the proof will be in the pudding.  Contact us for a yacht cruise that you will never regret and to share wonderful memories with your loved ones!

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How To Charter Yacht Routes

As a Plating Yachting & Sailing, we provide our customers with the highest quality and professional charter services. You can easily charter all kinds of yachts suitable for your budget from our website. 

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