Marmaris Yacht Holiday

Marmaris Yacht Holiday
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Marmaris Yacht Holiday

Marmaris Yacht Holiday With the beautiful sea of the Aegean and unique nature views, Marmaris is one of the best vacation destinations in Turkey. Each year thousands of tourists visit to discover the beautiful landscapes of Marmaris. While their wonderful journey, our most modern yachts accompany them to witness amazing bays and the beautiful atmosphere of the green. As a pioneer yacht charter agency in Turkey, Platin Yachting offers you the most modern yachts for your unforgettable journey.

Marmaris Yacht Holiday
Marmaris Yacht Holiday

By renting our modern yachts, you will have a chance to visit the wonderful sea of the Aegean besides to amazing landscapes of nature. Platin Yachting not only provides you to service of yachting with the aim of wander, but we also provide you to five – star hotel comfort with our yachts.

Marmaris Luxury Yacht Holiday

Marmaris Yacht Holiday As a Platin Yachting, we provide you most modern yachts with different vacation budgets and comfort types. If you want to have a vacation with the most comfortable atmosphere, we have our luxury yachts for this endless adventure. Our luxury yachts provide you following advantages:

  • Modern cabins, WC’s and bathrooms
  • Equipped cabins according to your requirements
  • Experienced cabin crew
  • Five–star hotel comfort
  • Delicious menus prepared for your taste


Our luxury yachts are designed for our special guests. In addition to these advantages, our luxury yachts have lots of cabin rooms for you and your guests. Also, we have standard yachts for our clients who want to have a more affordable vacation. To have detailed information and look at our types of yachts, you can visit

Marmaris Yacht holiday

Marmaris Yacht Holiday With our most modern yachts, you can have a chance to discover wonderful nature and the sea of Marmaris. Our experienced cabin crew will gladly guide you in this lovely journey. Thanks to our experienced team, you can visit the beautiful bays and historical lands of Marmaris and you can learn what history lies behind them.  

Marmaris Yacht Holiday
Marmaris Yacht Holiday

If you have decided to luxury yacht trip to discover beautiful views of Marmaris, you can take a look at our yacht types. While choosing the most suitable yachts, there are some factors you can consider. First of all, the cabin number may be important for your yacht if you want to welcome your guests on the following days of your vacation. Also, you can have the most comfortable Marmaris yacht trip with our luxury yachts. 

As a pioneer yacht charter agency in Turkey, Platin Yachting offers you the most modern yachts, gulets, and bareboat to discover beautiful views of Marmaris. By visiting the page, you can see our bareboat types.

Marmaris Yacht and Bareboat Prices

When it comes to Marmaris yacht and bareboat prices, some factors may be effective on it. Especially, the comfort level of yachts, cabin, WC, and bathroom number may vary prices of yachts. In addition to these, your special requirements also can change the prices. So, if you want to have more detailed information about the yacht and bareboat prices, you can take look at our yachts or you can get in touch with us on our website. 

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