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What is Gulet

What is Gulet We wanted to introduce you to the most popular and beloved yacht, namely the Gulet, when it comes to visiting bays and enjoying the sea. Let us start with the etymology of the word ‘gulet’ so that we get overall information about it without a single missing part. This word origins from the word ‘goleta’ in Venetian. However, it is also stated that this word ‘goleta’ was obtained by the Venetians from the French word ‘gouëlette’ that has the meaning of French Uskuna.

What is Gulet
What is Gulet

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The word ‘gouëlette’, stems from the word ‘gouelan’ with the meaning of Breton Seagull. The very first meaning of the word ‘gulet’ is actually very interesting since it is in a big relation with the blue seas and the beautiful nature. Apart from the etymology, the gulet has been a boat type appropriate for various activities such as fishing and transportation. Besides, sponge-makers were using the gulet thanks to its functionality. Now that we have come to an end with the answer to the question ‘what is gullet?!

what is gulet

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How Gullets Gained Popularity

After answering the question ‘what is gulet?’, lets continue with the history of it. The gulet started to serve for mercantile purposes at the very beginning. However, the blue voyage gained popularity among the country’s intellectuals and later in the world; thanks to the development and significant increase in the shipyard and ship production in the 1970s. With the increase in production, the interest in gullets has been enhanced as well since it was not only affordable why rich people anymore. The blue cruise was catering for everyone and at the end of the 1980s, various entertaining azure blue sea activities were made on gullets. Now that we have got knowledge about the history of gullets,


what is Gulet ?

Different from the past designs that gullets had, their construction has been adjusted to the modern devices, motors, and equipment. Diesel engines are attached yet the wooden appearance is kept so that the authentic signature of a gulet is never lost. Preserving its traditional wooden style, gullets serve with various features and facilities which is the reason why it is so much preferred.

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What is Gulet and its types?

There are three gulet types that differ in terms of their designs and functions. However, all keep the traditional wooden design. The three gulet types are stated below as followed:

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Gulet Type #1 – Watermelon Rump

With its durability and stability ensuring design, the most popular gulet type has got the name ‘watermelon pump’ from the fact that it has an oval shape with a round and flat stern. This gulet type is very comfortable and offers advanced safety against bad weather conditions. Due to its safety guarantee, most of the largest gulets are designed with a watermelon rump design.

Gulet Type #2 – Mirror Stern

If you are looking for a large internal space in a gulet, you will make the right choice by choosing the mirror stern gulet type. Compared to the size of the gulet, the internal volume of the gulet is huge. Thanks to its angular and flat design, the mirror stern is suitable for cabin charters and long-term sailing holidays. However, these boats are very slow and not as mechanical as the other types. Yet, they are perfect to visit bays and islands.

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What is Gulet
What is Gulet

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Gulet Type #3 – Tirhandil

Last but not least, this type of gulet has survived through history and is known as the oldest gulet type. With their small but functional design, they are durable and modern sailboat like.  If you are looking for a small boat with modest spaces, you can get a Tirhandil and entertain the hot sun with the turquoise blue sea!

What is Gulet

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