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Luxury Gulet Charter
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Luxury Gulet Charter

Get ready to feel like kings during your vacation. If you ask how it is possible, it means that you have not seen our luxury Gulets special for you. You will enter a different world when you charter one of our luxury Gulets. You don’t have to wait any longer to have a wonderful holiday experience. All you have to do is visit our website and choose a Gulet that suits you.


Our Luxury Gulets have 5-star hotel facilities. Thanks to that you can spend a more comfortable and beautiful holiday. Besides, these Gulets have equipped with the latest technology. Also to technological equipment, safe luxury Gulets designed to serve you. There are many beautiful seas in Turkey. We guarantee you that you will fall in love with the blue of those seas once again thanks to our Gulets. Don’t forget to visit our website to rediscover Turkey’s incredibly beautiful seas with us.

Luxury Gulet Charter
Luxury Gulet Charter


Luxury Gulet Charter Prices

Everyone wants to spend a day on a luxury Gulet. But, even though it may seem expensive to charter a Gulet due to its name being “luxury”, it is not exactly like that. At Platin Yachting, we have Gulet options for every budget. Tell us the route you want to explore, don’t worry about the rest. Would you like to have a luxurious, comfortable, and convenient holiday? If your answer is yes, our Gulets are waiting for you. You can visit our website for a peaceful and comfortable holiday. On our Gulets, which have a very luxurious design, our crew can go with you to serve you during your holiday if you wish. Our experienced and friendly team is at your service 24/7 to please you.

What Should Be Considered When Charter A Luxury Gulet?

The most important issue to consider when chartering a Gulet is the price issue. The thing you need to pay attention to about the price is in which months you want to take a vacation. Because luxury Gulet charter prices vary according to the months. For example, if you want to take a vacation in July or August, you may have to pay more. The reason for this is that many people want to take a holiday in these months. Almost all yacht charter companies offer higher prices in these months. So before you charter a luxury Gulet, you need to check all these conditions. For the best prices, you can visit our web site:

Luxury Gulet Charter
Luxury Gulet Charter

Advantages of Luxury Gulet Charter

Luxury Gulets have more than one feature for you to make a comfortable holiday. After renting a luxury Gulet, you will feel almost living a dream. Especially because of the pandemic, we’re in; everyone is trying to stay away from each other. Away from other people, only you and the people you want to holiday with can have fun in these Gulets. Considering the other advantages of luxury Gulets;

  • The opportunity to experience an incredible holiday with your loved ones,
  • The opportunity to holiday at a luxury and affordable price,
  • VIP rooms,
  • The opportunity to explore the unexplored places of the sea,
  • The opportunity to spend a great time away from Covid-19.

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