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Crewed Gulet Charter

Crewed Gulet Charter There are quite a lot of people excited about the arrival of summer. The biggest reason for this is that people want to go to the sea as soon as possible. Because people get rid of the tiredness of a whole year in this way. People want to relax by swimming in the ice-cold sea, rest and, rejuvenate. However, resting peacefully on crowded beaches can be very difficult for people. This is where Platin Yachting & Sailing comes into play.

With the crewed gulet charter service offered by Platin Yachting & Sailing, a holiday beyond your dreams awaits you! A blue cruise with a crewed gulet that you will charter can make you forget all your stress and give you a unique holiday experience.

 Crewed Gulet Charter
Crewed Gulet Charter

Blue Cruise with Crewed Gulet Charter

Don’t you think it’s time to go on a vacation that you’ve wanted to go for a long time but haven’t been able to? If you think this way, it’s time to charter a crewed gulet and embark on a blue cruise! There are many wonderful coves in Turkey where you can charter a gulet for a holiday. In this way, you can enjoy a peaceful and comfortable holiday as well as discovering many different places. 

Also, you can let yourself go with the deep blue sea and enjoy the beautiful natural landscapes. In addition, the crewed gulets you will charter are equipped with state-of-the-art technology such as DVD players, fully equipped music players and, LCD TVs. Thus, you do not have to compromise on your comfort inside the gulet. If you have any questions about going on a blue cruise with a crewed gulet, you can visit the website.

Price of a Crewed Gulet Charter

Do you want to plan an unusual holiday but do not have an idea? It’s understandable that people get bored of going on vacation the same way all the time. For this reason, it is possible to spend quality time on the gulets you charter in many popular holiday resorts in Turkey. 

Of course, such a luxury vacation is usually not cheap. However, you can charter a crewed gulet with Platin Yachting & Sailing’s superior service and reasonable price. The prices of gulets are varied by type there are some factors that affect the price of the gulets you will charter. These factors are:

  • The size of the gulet
  • Number of personnel to work on the gulet
  • Equipment on the gulet (jet ski, jacuzzi, etc.)
  • For more detailed information about crewed gulet charter, you can visit the website.
Crewed Gulet Charter
Crewed Gulet Charter

Why should Platin Yachting & Sailing be preferred when chartering a crewed gulet?

Platin Yachting & Sailing ensures that your summer vacation will be just like your dreams. Thus, you can have the chance to experience a very comfortable and luxurious holiday. The company, which provides service with superior quality standards, considers all the needs of its customers and acts accordingly. The holiday you will take with the gulets that Platin Yachting & Sailing has meticulously rented will be a complete substitute like the comfort of a five-star hotel. So you do not have to deal with daily tasks such as cooking or cleaning on your holiday with the gulets you will rent with a professional crew. If you are also considering chartering a crewed gulet and want to learn more about this subject, you can visit the website.


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