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Deluxe Yacht Charter
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Deluxe Yacht Charter

Deluxe Yacht Charter Turkey is the choice of many people who want to have a sea holiday. Surrounded by seas on 3 sides, this beautiful country manages to attract millions of local and foreign tourists to the coastline every year. Its extraordinary nature has hosted ancient civilizations on the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts. From this point of view, you can enjoy the sea, sand, and sun while on holiday in Turkey and witness thousands of years of history. Of course, you can’t expect such a versatile place to be deserted during the holiday seasons. But it is also possible to have a quiet holiday away from the crowds in this place, which hosts thousands of visitors. With the deluxe yacht charter service of Platin Yachting, your comfort and convenience are assured.


Deluxe Yacht Charter
Deluxe Yacht Charter

It is possible to choose the yacht you want on the Platin Yachting website by making use of the images and comparing prices. By examining many different types of yachts, you can choose the one that suits your holiday concept. Some of our yacht types where you can get yacht charter service are as follows:



Gulets are relatively smaller and simple cruise boats. Gulets, which were originally produced for fishing activities, have changed considerably over time. Today, gulets with a very luxurious and modern design adorn the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts. You can review the gulet types you can charter by following the link. ( )


Bareboats are the ideal choice for those who want to make their vacation completely private. When you charter a bareboat, you do not receive crew and staff service. This means that you will do all the work on the boat yourself. Bareboats are perfect for customers who are free-spirited and care about privacy. You can view the bareboat via the link. ( )

Motor Yachts

Motor yachts are ideal for large groups of friends with their spacious cabins. With motor yachts with many cabins, you can experience the comfort of a hotel on the water. Motor yachts, which vary in size and passenger capacity, allow you to experience luxury and comfort at the same time. By clicking on the link, you can examine the motor yachts and make a selection. ( )


Trawlers are fishing boats designed to spend a long time at sea. These functional yachts, whose first appearance dates back to the Middle Ages, have undergone many changes over time. Today, luxury trawlers are very common for passengers who prioritize comfort. With these relatively small yachts, you can crown your most special moments with the vast sea and moonlight. By following the link, you can review the trawlers you can rent from Platin Yachting. ( )

Deluxe Yacht Charter
Deluxe Yacht Charter

Deluxe Yachts

Platin Yachting offers many luxury yachts to your liking. Yachts are designed with the safety and comfort of passengers in mind. The possibility of passengers spending a long time on the sea is also taken into account. In this context, many services have been considered and prepared in advance. Some of the services included in order to increase comfort on yachts are as follows:

  • Air conditioning,
  • Bar lounge,
  • Shower unit in each cabin,
  • Music system,
  • Ice machine,
  • DVD player,
  • Coffee machine,
  • Hairdryer,
  • Safebox.

Contact us now and create a reservation to crown your holiday pleasure on luxury yachts. ( )

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