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Cabin Charter Turkey

Cabin Charter Turkey The blue voyage was a dream for some of us … But anyone who wants today can fulfil this dream … We will be pleased to welcome you to our cabin charter tours in different rosters for every budget offered by Platin Yachting.

Cabin Charter Turkey
Cabin Charter Turkey

The advantage of renting a cabin is that there is no requirement to create a group for the “Blue voyage”. You will even be able to meet our guests from different cultures and nations by having a pleasant holiday together with the sea passers from various parts of the world. Cabin charter tours are your only option, you can join with your spouse or friends.

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Cabin Charter Turkey

The ancient name of Halicarnassus is the history of Bodrum. It goes up to 1200 times. B.C. Herodotus, who lived in the 5th century and was known as “Father of History”, was born in Halicarnassus. The Mausoleum of King (350 BC), considered one of the world’s 7 wonders, is also here. The only structure accessible from Bodrum in the classical period is the Antique Theatre. This theatre with a capacity of 13.000 people is one of the oldest theatres of Anatolia and today it is host to art lovers in Bodrum in many shows and concerts.

Cabin Charter Turkey
Cabin Charter Turkey


Bencik is located on the Hisaronu side. BC in the 550’s, the Knidos began to dig a narrowest point of one kilometre to combine the two seas to defend against the Persian army of the Datca Peninsula and make the peninsula a complete island; but they could not succeed and had to leave Knidos to the Persians.

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Although Marmaris is calmer than the two famous coves of Turunc and Icmeler, Bozburun is a famous fisherman town with its natural beauty and vegetation cover. It is an indispensable stopping point for Blue voyages with its small but charming harbour. The virgin sea is surrounded by many coves. The sponge was removed along the coast of this region, but today the locals have left sponge because it is not a good income in sponge and it is a dangerous business with old techniques.

Cabin Charter Turkey
Cabin Charter Turkey


You will not find your husband anywhere else, a tiny beach and an extraordinarily clear water, this island is almost an open-air museum. You can see the city walls, the temple from Dorla (later converted to church), the ancient theatre of 1,500 and the domed buildings. On the island of Cleopatra on this island, there is a very special sand that Mark Antonius brought from Egypt to the Cleopatra with the ships, apparently only in the deserts of North Africa. You can walk between ancient stone columns reminiscent of antiquity or old stones decorated with reliefs.

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