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Crewed Yacht Charter Greek Island

Crewed Yacht Charter Greek Island Remove the professional captain or other yacht and yacht crew

You choose your bed from the list and we guarantee that the crew will accompany you. As a tenant, you are responsible for all costs associated with rent (fuel, port fees, water, food, etc.), as well as providing food or bed to your crew and cabin.

Crewed Yacht Charter Greek Island
Crewed Yacht Charter Greek Island

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This is an informal agreement for those who live and work together for a week. The advantage of this type of comfort is that you can choose your sailboat, choose your own route and basically decide how and where you want to navigate. You can also choose a leader that you think is the most compatible with your group. Please tell us the dates, the destination, the race number or the preferred yacht. We will find one of the best sailing captains wherever you want to go.

Crewed Yacht Charter Greek Island
Crewed Yacht Charter Greek Island

Guidelines for the management of yachts and boats

The advantage of this type of sailing vacation is that the captain is the owner or the constant captain of the boat so that he knows the boat better and is always in a better position. This is an all-in-one package, ideal for those who want to experience the best Greek islands with an experienced captain on board. They often participate in a group trip or in the rental of a yacht with a tenant.

In Greece there is a large selection of yachts with capital management. Prices generally include operating costs (eg, fuel, water, port fees, VAT, cleaning, bed linen and towels), sometimes half board (with butler or cook) and sometimes even at the airport. They are very flexible.

Luxury yachts and boats

If you are looking for something special: unique and unique singles or original sailing yachts, as well as a fully professional and experienced team, you can choose from beautiful yachts that can be rented from different locations in the Greek islands.

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Why Yacht Charter?

Crewed Yacht Charter Greek Island

Cabins for cruises or berths in the marina

This type of vacation is perfect for those traveling on a limited budget or alone or with many friends. You may not want to take your own bed. On this trip you can only reserve a captain or a sailboat with a horse. And go to the Greek islands. This is a great way to see many islanders for a limited time. The traces can be obtained for two weeks and two weeks from different places in the Greek islands.

Gulet Charter is a traditional yacht driver. This facilitates a cruise in the Mediterranean. This beautiful ship is Turkey, Croatia, Montenegro, Greece, Spain and Italy can rent Mediterranean water. These luxurious movements are controlled by the engine, but when the wind blows, the sailboats also work.

In the waters of the Mediterranean you will find more than five species of dogs each year. Each of them says that it is a “completely comfortable luxury vacation” that you can imagine. Swim, relax, explore, swim with pure fresh water and clean water. The activities on board are always unique in the yacht model.

Crewed Yacht Charter Greek Island
Crewed Yacht Charter Greek Island

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